Healthy Eating Habits

At Little Cubs Academy, we don’t underestimate the importance of good nutrition in a child’s life. We serve tasty nutritious food that supports your child’s growth and development and establishes the foundations of healthy eating habits.

Breakfast, lunch, and tea are provided, alongside healthy morning and afternoon snacks such as milk and fresh seasonal fruit. We use wholesome, unprocessed ingredients and wherever possible, try to source our ingredients locally. Our outdoor planting and growing areas help us to teach the children how to grow fruit and vegetables from seed to plate and sample home-grown produce.

We offer seasonal winter and summer menus with a rotating 4-week cycle so all children will enjoy a nourishing, varied and balanced diet. Our menus have been designed in partnership with the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, which draws on the expertise of registered nutritionists and dieticians who have experience in early years education. And our on-site, dedicated chefs freshly prepare the food every day in the nursery kitchens.

If your child has special dietary requirements, intolerances, or allergies, please talk to us and we will accommodate your child’s specific needs. All our nurseries and pre-schools are completely nut free environments.

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