Our Love Of Nature And The Outdoors

Immersing Ourselves In Nature

In a modern world full of an abundance of technology everywhere we turn, we know that people are spending less and less time outdoors in nature. Little Cubs Academy was founded on the principal belief that children should be children, allowed to explore, to discover, to have access to fresh air, and to be able to roam outside where they can be as free as possible. We promote and learn about the natural environment and the world we live in throughout out settings, whether one is indoors or outdoors – we celebrate and advocate the idea that the outdoors is an extension of the classroom and an integral part of learning.

Whether your child attends our nursery and pre-school in Greenwich or Forest Hill, each setting has nature and the outdoors at the heart of what they do. As well as spending time in the garden each day, multiple times a week our children go on trips to specially chosen nature reserves, woodlands, parks, and farms, in the vicinity of each location.