Fun Activities That Promote Learning at Home

Fun Activities That Promote Learning at Home

As we near the end of the summer holidays and the weather is a little gloomy, preparing activities at home can be a great way to enjoy the summer as well as promote education with your little ones. At Little Cubs Academy Forest Hill and Greenwich, play is at the heart of everything that we do, and we encourage education through creativity and using the world around us.


We have compiled a list of 5 fun activities that you can do at home to keep your little one’s learning!


Write a letter

One of the hardest parts of the pandemic was being away from friends, family and loved ones. You may have relatives that you haven’t seen in a while and a perfect way to put a smile on their faces doubles as a super fun activity for your little ones!

We don’t expect your toddler to write a full letter, however, consider a post card and letting them fill in their name or spell out “we miss you”. This is a fantastic way to promote writing skills as well as their creativity.


Promote time telling

With a children countdown clock or a clock that you already had at home, you can create a super fun countdown game that promotes telling the time. First, with your little ones, identify the time – concentrate on just the minute hand for younger children – and set a time limit to do a fun activity. This may be run around the garden 6 times in two minutes or take the washing upstairs one by one in 5 minutes. With high energy and lots of “You can do it!” encouragement, children love the challenge and the reward if they are able to complete the task and identify the time at the end.


Colour hunt

This is a great game for younger children to help them identify colours. Using colouring pens, swatch a variety of colours on a large piece of paper and then let the hunt begin! Using any items that you can find within the house and garden you can bring back the treasure and place it on the matching colour. Rocks on grey, leaves on green, tissue on white etc.


Counting time

Learning numbers and practising counting is a brilliant way to continue education at home. Grab some chalk and write large numbers on the floor from 1 – 10. For each number, ask your little one to collect objects to that amount and place them on the number. As they place them down, you can count them out – 1 teddy, 2 teddies, 3 teddies..  This activity not only helps with the repetition of counting but also in identifying written numbers. If your child is a little older, try counting to 20 and asking them to write the number on the floor.


Objects and texture

A key skill learnt in nursery is being able to identify objects and describing them – big, small, round, square, soft, and hard. Set out a few boxes on the floor and name each one by an identifying trait, then let your little one hunt around the house and garden for objects that match.


Teddy – soft

Rock – hard

Leaf – rough


An alternative to this game is using emotions. Recognising and identifying emotions as well as being able to explain why something makes you feel an emotion is also a key skill that will be used heading into primary school and is practiced often at both our Forest Hill Nursery and Greenwich Nursery. You can name each box “happy”, “sad”, “funny” etc. and ask your little one to find items that make them feel that emotion. Being able to sit down and explain why the “teddy” makes them feel “happy” is a fantastic skill to begin practicing at home.



If you are wondering what other key skills are taught at nursery and how you can implement learning at home, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Head Teachers at our Forest Hill Nursery or Greenwich Nursery

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