How to prepare your little one to start school

How to prepare your little one to start school

Taking the leap from Nursery to Reception is a huge step and an impacting change on our little one’s daily habits and comforts. Here at Little Cubs Academy Greenwich and Little Cubs Academy Honor Oak we spend time carefully ensuring that your little ones are ready for what’s to come in the move to big school.


That September start can also be daunting for our parents too, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed with the change, cautious of the disruption to your little one and worried that your child may not be ready for the move up. Therefore, we have put together a short list of things that you can do to make the move to Primary School as exciting and easy as it can be.




  1. Take the summer to concentrate on these key skills

In Primary School your child will be taught differently, will come into contact with new people, new surroundings and be tested on their ability to interact; both educationally and socially. Over the summer, take some time with your little one and concentrate on these key skills so that they will walk through Primary School gates happy and confident.


  • Being able to listen to and follow simple instructions without distraction
  • Have the ability to communicate their needs in times where they feel unwell, shy or uncomfortable
  • Feel comfortable to make new friends and interact with other children
  • Are happy to share toys with others and take turns
  • Feel comfortable with greetings and new conversations


2. Talk about the new school

As scary as it may seem to you, it is important for you to speak with your little one about their new school, making it a positive and exciting transition. A great way to build their confidence is allowing them to tell friends and family about the move to Reception including what they are most excited about.


3. Get to know the school

Whether it be a local school in Greenwich, Blackheath or our other surrounding areas it is great practice to get to know the school, the local area and other parents that will be within your new class. Many schools have fun days, introduction days, virtual events and even Facebook groups for parents to be able to interact and get used to the new environment.


4. Practice the school routine

For some children the school day can be a lot longer than their time spent in nursery, therefore getting them used to longer days outside of the house will be great preparation for when the tiring school day arrives.

If you aren’t choosing a school within Greenwich and Honor Oak you may want to prepare your little one for the upcoming school journey by making your journey to and from nursery slightly longer. This is a fantastic time to spend speaking about what your little one is excited about doing or what they learned during their day at nursery.


5. Knuckle down on concentration

Our Little Cubs Academy nursery settings focus on learning through creativity and play, however, leading up to graduation our Head Teachers focus learning on education and concentration to prepare our little ones for longer days within the classroom. You can also practice this at home by extending activities, encouraging self-play and encouraging your child to focus on one task or activity at a time



If you are worried about the move to Primary School or would like any further advice from Little Cubs Academy Greenwich or Little Cubs Academy Honor Oak, please get in contact with our Head Teachers who are happy to guide you through the transition

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