Our Ethos

Our Vision

At Little Cubs Academy, we are passionate about building children’s confidence, promoting individuality, encouraging their independence, and supporting their learning and development in carefully considered, home-from-home settings.

But we go further than that. We try to see the world through the children’s eyes, encouraging their creativity, listening to their ideas, and following their lead to see where their imagination can take them.

Our environments and teaching practices are carefully planned to meet every child’s needs, from the early development of senses and the marking of first milestones like walking and talking, to equipping children with the skills they need to take their next steps into the school classroom and beyond. We get outside as much as we can, building confidence and self-esteem in a natural environment and nurturing a lifelong love of the outdoors.


We also believe in the importance of making connections with others. Children form friendships and bonds in their early years’ education that can last a lifetime. We help children develop empathy, participate in group activities, and understand the value of sharing, building strong foundations that will take them confidently into later life.


We believe that being outside is so critical to a child’s physical and emotional development. We make sure children have access to outside play all year round so they can get plenty of fresh air and have the space and freedom to explore. Playing and learning outside helps improve children’s health and wellbeing, supports their ability to negotiate risk and helps with the development of problem-solving skills and resilience.

Reduce, Recycle, Source Local

Making sustainable choices and taking care of our environment is fundamental to our Little Cubs Academy ethos. We minimise our environmental impacts wherever possible, by reducing waste, recycling, reclaiming, sourcing locally, and using eco-friendly products and services. We also encourage children to develop a love, appreciation, and respect for the natural world so they can understand the part they can play in protecting it.

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